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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Most Popular Home Trends by State

A look at the latest trends across the U.S. show that residents in 32 states, including Florida, favor a modern style at home. Ranked at No. 2 is farmhouse chic.

NEW YORK – What’s trending and where?, a home insurance resource, took its annual look at the latest trends for homes across the U.S.

In New Mexico, residents are loving Japanese home-inspired styles (like white walls and “zen” finishes) while Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents are showing more favor for Tuscan styles (with terracotta, iron finishes, stone and tiles).

Fourteen states show a preference for farmhouse chic, ranging from southern states like Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee to Montana, Wyoming and Vermont. This look shows a more relaxed style – expect to see rustic furniture, natural materials and real comfort in a farmhouse home.

However, the overall favorite among the states, including Florida, is modern, defined by monochromatic color palettes, clean lines, minimalism, and natural finishes. The report found residents in 32 states prefer the modern look.