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Friday, November 5, 2021

States where residents don't want to leave: Florida is #3

NEW YORK – Of Americans who moved during the pandemic, 85% opted to move within their state, according to a new analysis from LendingTree, which evaluated mortgage loan data from March 1, 2020, to Sept. 21, 2021, to learn pandemic moving patterns.

Texas had the highest percentage of residents looking to stay in the state, followed by Oklahoma and Florida. 

On the other hand, New York had the highest percentage of residents who left the state.

The LendingTree study also identified Florida as a top destination for out-of-state movers: More than a third (36%) of state-to-state movers preferred relocating to Florida.

“Florida is the favorite out-of-state destination for mortgage shoppers in 18 of the 50 states,” LendingTree researchers say in the study. “The Sunshine State has a long history of bringing in visitors and new residents, particularly retirees, thanks to a mix of affordable housing, no state income tax, and sunny weather.”

Percentage of a state’s movers who opted for a new state that also had Florida as their most preferred destination:

  1. Texas: 6.67% of movers relocated to a new state
  2. Georgia: 8.88%
  3. Michigan: 9.07%
  4. Ohio: 90.49%
  5. Alabama: 9.69%
  6. Maine: 9.77%
  7. Kentucky: 10.46%
  8. Indiana: 10.58%
  9. Wisconsin: 10.90%
  10. Missouri: 10.95%
  11. Tennessee: 12.21%
  12. Iowa: 12.87%
  13. Illinois: 15.65%
  14. South Dakota: 16.49%
  15. Connecticut: 16.99%
  16. Maryland: 18.59%
  17. New Jersey: 19.71%
  18. Vermont: 20.01%

Source: “The States Homeowners Have Moved To – and Stayed in – During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” LendingTree (Nov. 2, 2021)

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